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Here's a set of books that has best set of stories and characters from Indian folklore.

Folktales of India has a set of 4 books - Panchatantra, Tenali Raman, Wow stories, Super smart folktales.

The ideal set of 28 folktales in this 128 page set of 4 books.

Moral stories of Panchatantra, Funny stories of Tenali Raman, and stories rich in values and culture from the Indian folklore.

Pages: 32 pages each book (Total: 128 pages)

Age group: 2+ years

Book type: Paper back


4 books make this set of books called Folktales of India. They include:

1. Panchatantra for kids

2. Laugh with Tenali Raman

3. Wow Stories! - Evergreen folktales

4. Super Smart Folktales


Panchatantra - stories like Crocodile and the monkey and the Turtle who loved to talk.

Tenali Raman - stories of how he got the boon from Kaali Ma and how he became the court jester of King Krishnadevaraya.

Wow Stories - Elephant and the tailor, Cap seller and the monkeys, the boy who cried wolf and more.

Super smart folktales - Really smart stories of King who stopped the river, The smart wife, Equal division and more!


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