Panchatantra for kids

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Author: Subba Rao

Age Group: 2 to 9 years

Book type: Paperback Comic

Length: 32 pages

Editor's Note:

This comic introduces your child to 6 cool stories from Panchatantra.

Stories are selected and written in a way that's suitable to children of the age group.

The comics are different from regular ones as these books have big pictures (only 2-3 images per page) and large font size. Its created as per needs of a young budding reader.

Stories simplified and adapted from Vishnu Sharma's Panchatantra.

The stories included in the book are:

1. Tiger is coming, Run!

2. The talking cave

3. The crocodile and the monkey

4. The lion and the hare

5. The turtle who loved to talk

6. A match for Mooshika


It's a first effort from KathaKids to create stories in comic format for young budding readers.The big large pictures and simple language helps in creating an engaging book for young readers.

For 2 & 3 year olds, the large pictures and simple language helps in promoting parent-child interaction via storytelling. The child needs to look and listen.

For 4 & 5 year olds, an apt book to start reading. Engaging pictures and large bold fonts helps in generating interest in the child to read the book with some help from parents.

For 6 to 9 year olds, the comic format delivered in simple language enables the child to enjoy the stories of affable characters.

Publisher: KathaKids Media LLP

Printed in: India

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