5 minute Animal Stories

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Title: 5 minute Animal Stories

Age Group: 02 to 07

Length: 72

Book type: Paperback

Theme: Moral Stories

No. of Stories: 35

Facts of book:  · stories holds the characters of animals
                          · include imaginary stories with moral values
                          · easy language to read and understand
                          · designed with beautiful and attractive pictures

Stories includes: The Crows and the Snake
                             Why the Tortoise Carries His Home
                             The Better Artist
                             The Monkey and the Quarrelling Cats
                             The Clever King of the Forest
                             The Rolling Pumpkin
                             The Arrogant Bluebird
                             The Donkey in the Leopard's Skin
                             The Witty Hare
                             The Frog Who Wanted to Be an Otter
                             Rabbit and the Falling Sky
                             The Talkative Turtle

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