A Royal Deck

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Author: Anjali Raghbeer   Pictures: Tejas Modak

Age Group: 5 to 10 years

Length: 28 pages

Book type: Hard cover

Editor’s Note:

Wisdom Tree's Art Tales from India is a series of books that combines stories and illustrations inspired by Indian folk art.

King Orb was an expert in the ancient Indian game, Ganjifa. He was addicted to the game. He made his subjects play with him through the night.

King Orb also grew greedy by inviting other kings to play Ganjifa with him. He used to win their kingdoms and all their wealth by defeating them at Ganjifa.

The people were tired of their king's addiction. They prayed to Lord Vishnu to help them.

One day, King Kurma challenged King Orb ... and guess what .... KIng Orb lost his kingdom.

But did this help him learn his lesson? Did it help King Orb in overcoming his greed?

In this book, the author leads children into fascinating world of Ganjifa through the story of an irresponsible king obsessed with the game.

Printed in: India

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