Funtales of India & Ramayana for children

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Ramayana for children:

Author: Chitra Ramaswamy

Age group: 5 to 12 years

Book type: Paperback

Length: 64 pages

Editor's note:

Ramayana for children covers the entire Valmiki Ramayan in 64 page story book with pictures. The book includes all key events like Sita Swayamvar, Ram going to the forest, Ravana kidnapping Sita, Hanuman setting Lanka ablaze, Ram's army marching to Lanka and more!

The rendering of images, simple language and the concise presentation of the great epic makes it a great read for the kids.

You may want to try it for younger kids if you want to read it to them and show them images. Great book to introduce kids to Ramayana the epic.

Funtales of India

Author: Subba Rao

Age group: 4 to 9 years

Book type: Paperback

Length: 16 pages

Editor's note:

A choicest selection of 5 stories from the pitaara of Indian stories. Here are the 5 stories included in the book:

  • Hanuman and the Sun
  • The flying elephant
  • Monkeys on a fast
  • Crazy singer
  • Let's fly

One of the best collection of moral & fun oriented stories presented in a comic format for your kids.

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