Hovering Helicopters

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Author: Tony Mitton  Pictures:  Ant Parker

Age group: 1 to 6 years

Length: 24 pages

Book Type: Paperback

Book Text: In Rhyme

Editor’s Note: Unlike an aeroplane, a copter can go forwards, backwards, sideways or down. This helps in rescue operation in times of flood; it is used as air ambulance to get the patient to hospital fast, to fight forest fires, and for policing too. Kids learn about tail rotor, rotor blade, cockpit, tail boom and skids.

The entire text of the book is in rhyme format (poem format) which makes it fun to narrate the book to your kid/s AND also it makes it fun for your kids to learn about these machines.

Product description: 24 pages, Soft cover, inside art paper, Pictorial, Minimum text of two to three lines on each page.

Amazing Machines series, published by Kingfisher, An imprint of Macmillan Children’s Books

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