Perfectly Norman & Ravi's Roar (set of 2 books)

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Author:  Tom Percival

Age group: 3 to 7 years

Length: 32 pages

Book Type: Paperback

Note on Perfectly Norman: The story is about the boy who develops wings which he tries to hide from others. How Norman breaks free is told in this beautiful book. Inspired by Norman, the hero of this imaginative book, children will follow his example learn to nourish their dreams without fear of ridicule. 

Note on Ravi's Roar: Being too timid does not help Ravi. So he lets out the tiger within! Everybody get out of his way! ‘It is great being a tiger,’ Ravi thinks. But soon he realizes, nobody wants to play with a tiger, and Ravi wants friends to play with him. How does Ravi manage to be a tiger so that no one dare to bully him, and at the same time a boy everybody wants to play with?

Product description: 32 pages, Large size (A4), Soft cover, Big pictures, minimum text.

Published by Bloomsbury

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