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Age group for this combo: 4+ years

Editor's Note:

For parents who want to introduce kids to Mythology, here's a brilliant combo that we are offering.

Beautiful pictures and simple narration of some really nice stories of our Gods.

Kids will fall in love with stories of Krishna and Ganesha as they are already the most affable Gods. And Ramayana will introduce them to the epic story and lovable Gods - Rama and Hanuman.


Ramayana for Children

Author: Chitra Ramaswamy

Age group: 4 to 12 years

Book type: Paperback

Length: 64 pages

Editor's note:

Ramayana for children covers the entire Valmiki Ramayan in 64 page story book with pictures. The book includes all key events like Sita Swayamvar, Ram going to the forest, Ravana kidnapping Sita, Hanuman setting Lanka ablaze, Ram's army marching to Lanka and more!

The rendering of images, simple language and the concise presentation of the great epic makes it a great read for the kids.

You may want to try it for younger kids if you want to read it to them and show them images. Great book to introduce kids to Ramayana the epic.

Printed in: India

Story of Krishna:

Author: Mala Dayal

Age group: 4+ years

Book type: Hard cover

Length: 68 pages

Editor's note:

A book which beautifully narrates the entire story of Lord Krishna's life. The book covers the entire childhood where Krishna vanquished many Asuras and eventually defeated evil Kansa.

The book then talks about the beautiful friendship that Krishna had with Sudama, something we can share with our kids today.

And eventually the story turns towards Mahabharata and the end of Yadava dynasty.

A perfect book with beautiful illustrations for kids to get introduced to the loving God - Krishna.

Printed in: India

Ganesha - Mythology for kids:


Author: Subba Rao

Age Group: 2 to 9 years

Book type: Paperback

Length: 32 pages

Editor's Note:

This comic shares the 3 popular stories of Ganesha and 4 other stories from Indian Mythology.

The stories included in the book are:

1. When Ganesha broke his tusk

2. Ganesha wins the race

3. Birth of Ganesha

4. The Sun God's gifts

5. Suitable Boy

6. Agasthya drinks up the ocean

7. Ganga comes down to earth

It's a first effort from KathaKids to create stories in comic format for young budding readers.The big large pictures and simple language helps in creating an engaging book for young readers.

Publisher: KathaKids Media LLP

Printed in: India



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