Rescue by Design

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Author: Anjali Raghbeer   Pictures: Tejas Modak

Age Group: 5 to 10 years

Length: 28 pages

Book type: Hard cover

Editor’s Note:

Wisdom Tree's Art Tales from India is a series of books that combines stories and illustrations inspired by Indian folk art.

11 year old Ganga is kept away from the wedding chamber which is being painted by her mother using traditional Madhubani painting. She is kept away so that there isn't any mess with the painting.

Ganga is on errands when suddenly they realise that her mother's golden Hansuli (necklace) is missing.

Ganga has a chance to find the missing Hansuli. Its her painting that saves the day!

A very colourful book that teaches kids to have confidence in themselves and they can accomplish the most difficult of the tasks.

In this book, the author takes us to the heart of Madhubani with a gentle tale of a young girl's desire to paint her life in her own colours.

Printed in: India


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