The Story of Hanuman

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Author: Mala Dayal

Illustration: Taposhi Ghoshal

Age groups: 4+ years

Book type: Hard cover

Length: 70 pages

Editor's note:

A book which beautifully narrates the entire story of Lord Hanuman's life. The book covers his entire life starting with his mischief with the Sun when he was a kid.

As he grows Sun God asks him to be with Sugreev. Hanuman meets Lord Rama and takes him to Sugreev so that they can help each other.

The story then moves towards Lanka and describes Hanuman's big leap to Lanka and all the obstacles he goes through. He then sets Lanka on fire.

During the war with Ravan, Hanuman saves Lakshman's life by getting the Sanjeevani herb. Do you know how he gets the herb?

A perfect book with beautiful illustrations that describes Lord Hanuman's story, his adventures and his devotion.

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